Pasadena’s “Fork in the Road” Art Installation

A giant fork art piece was installed at the fork in the road where Pasadena Ave. and St. John Ave. split

After reading about this on the Pasadena Star News, I had to see it for myself! I drove up Pasadena Ave. and as I approached the fork in the road, literally, I saw the giant fork “guerrilla art piece” and smiled. What a great idea from the friends of Bob Stane, founder of the Ice House Comedy Club.

I hope Pasadena keeps this art installation permanently in place.

11 responses to “Pasadena’s “Fork in the Road” Art Installation

  1. It’s crazy – it was even on ESPN yesterday. Admittedly it has little to do with sports, but still pretty cool.

  2. Wow, yeah, why would the fork art installation be featured on ESPN?! Funny.

  3. The City of Pasadena and Caltrans are talking about possibly keeping the art on a temporary basis (length of time is undetermined currently) since there has been so much enthusiasm in the community. Before this can happen, however, there must be a safety inspection to ensure that it is properly engineered and, based on construction, how sturdy and secure it is. The artist would have to pay the costs (taxpayers should not have to underwrite these expenses). If a temporary extension is granted, the artist would have an opportunity to go through a process with Caltrans art staff and possibly the Pasadena Arts Commission, just like anyone else interested in submitting a proposal for a public art installation. There are still a lot of “ifs” associated with the project, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  4. I love the fork. When I went to work the other day I saw that fork and had a huge smile on my face. Only in Pasadena would we place a fork in the road at the fork in the road. It could also be used as a reminder of the many eateries in Pasadena. Thanks to the artist that gave so many smiles that day and each day that it remains.

  5. I find the fork in the road to be truly artistically funny and beautifully executed. Please Pasadena, make this a permanent piece for all to enjoy. For many years I’ve used a plastic fork, dropping it onto the roadway, then asking people what they saw. Most of the time they didn’t discover what I was trying to portray but when I explained I either got a good laugh or a groan but they always enjoyed my attempt to ad a little humor to their life. If you are driving by the fork and slow to get a better look and some idiot behind you honks his horn don’t get upset and reply in kind, just consider the source as someone who misses great things in life and it’s his loss. If I may I’d like to relate an incident from my past that got the same results. I was driving across the Carquinez bridge in the Bay area and I happend to look to the east and much to my surprize there flying in the sky was the replica of Charles Lindbergs plane accompanied by a beautifull Stagger Wing Beach aircraft. This was a once in a lifetime moment for me to see these two planes in the air so I stopped my car, got out and was mesmerized by the sight then the inevidible happened, some driver started to honk his horn to get me moving. I pointed to the aircraft, they were easily visible because they were flying at a low altitude hoping he would understand the moment but he honked again and gave me the Freeway One Finger Salute. I’m adding this just to show some people never seem to get it and you shouldn’t let them interupt a once in a lifetime moment of sheer enjoyment.

  6. The Fork has attracted a lot of attention very quickly and has made the front page of the LA Times!

    I really do hope we keep this in Pasadena permanently.

    Article here:

  7. I just would like to point out that while this is literally a fork in the road (or at least next to it), it is not located at an actual “fork in the road”.
    The one way street does not split into two choices, you have to continue on the roadway that you are on.
    I know that I am splitting hairs here, but a fork in the road gives you a choice as to which direction you can take.

  8. Bob Stane says: I am so glad everyone got both
    the art and the humor. Remember that The Fork is a function of The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. It is all about the quirky nature of this purveyor of great music. I ask the media (and everyone else) to include The Coffee Gallery Backstage in all stories. It is about the coffee house showroom and my many
    years in The Biz. This is how I earn my daily bread and support the arts. The Coffee Gallery Backstage laid the Golden Egg. Thank you. Bob Stane, Birthday Boy

  9. I think it’s great and should stay! I also want to tell Ken that there is a program called adopt-a-median that allows artists to put up art like this in L. A. and either way I hope THE FORK inspires more artists to share there art in public. As an artist who does similar projects I want to know how THE FORK got so much press, It’s all over. Congrats and happy birthday to Bob.

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