Fillmore Gold Line Station Remodel Almost Complete in Pasadena

A remodeled Fillmore station reflects the increasing demand for improvements to public transit infrastructure

The remodel of the Fillmore Gold Line station is finally wrapping up as large red planters, new vegetation, seating, bike racks, and other aesthetic improvements have been successfully implemented. The fencing around the new public plaza and walkway should be coming down soon, and the simple yet dramatic improvements will give the station a fresh new look that is sure to be a welcome change to an area with increasing demand for pedestrian-oriented enhancements.

Personally, I think it is a waste of potential that the area surrounding the Fillmore station (especially along Arroyo Pkwy) has not taken advantage of such a great light-rail station (even closer to Downtown LA than Del Mar or Memorial Park stations and only one stop to South Pasadena) by incorporating more mixed-use developments adjacent to the station (like the CVS and strip mall just right off the station). Higher density residential developments adjacent and near the Fillmore station would allow more residents the choice to have easy convenient access to light-rail public transportation.

As Metro continues to expand our rail network, more and more destinations will be added that will make existing rail stations even more attractive to live and work next to (something that many people are not aware of or can’t even imagine happening in LA). For example, the future Downtown Connector would allow someone to hop on the Gold Line in Pasadena and get to the heart of Downtown LA without having to transfer at Union Station (with proposed stations at 2nd/Broadway, Disney Concert Hall, and 5th/Flower). Or how about the Wilshire Blvd. subway that would allow someone in Pasadena to get to LACMA at Wilshire/Fairfax or Century City and UCLA for business meetings or dinner engagments?

Imagine the speed and convenience those completed lines would offer to transit riders to access some of LA’s most significant venues and destinations to both residents and visitors? And don’t forget it’s a vice versa situation as people would be able to access Pasadena with the same reciprocal ease.

With that future transit system in mind (funded by Measure R), it makes me cringe when I see parking lots next to train stations that dilute the walking experience by spreading things out. People prefer walking in compact environments because we all walk at about 3/mph.

New large red planters give the Fillmore station a fresh updated look

New seating underneath the original palm trees

Seating is invaluable in pedestrian-oriented cities where tired feet rest from walking

New plants give the plaza an inviting look

New Metro system maps for the new plaza

New colorful bike racks for the increasing amount of bikers in the region

8 responses to “Fillmore Gold Line Station Remodel Almost Complete in Pasadena

  1. Hear, hear, Brigham!! At least we are starting to reclaim and rebuild a bit of our Southern California rail heritage. . .after having destroyed what was one of the best and most extensive inter-urban rail systems in the world. . . . sigh. . .

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  3. Just saw this yesterday. It looks really nice! I agree about the wasted potential at the Fillmore station. There are great opportunities for elegant infill here.

  4. Do you think the lack of infill at Fillmore might be due to a wait & see attitude regarding the response to Del Mar Station, as well as the economic viability during these recessionary times?
    If Del Mar Station is successful, it bodes well for the future of the Fillmore Station.

  5. The Del Mar Station is already quite successful by most counts. Their vacancy rate is low. The retail inside the station has a strong anchor in La Grande Orange cafe and Philly’s Best seems to hang in there. However without more residential density in the area, the other interior facing retail spaces are a more difficult sell since they are visible primarily to trasit riders and the building’s residents. Only now are new residents being added around the perimter of Central Park (Westgate) and on the Arroyo Pkwy side.

    Down the road when the economy improves I see the area around the Fillmore Station becoming a great development opportunity and a solid anchor to the southern portion of the city. It could certainly add some vitality to the souther Raymond corridor as well.

  6. I have a question about taking the Gold Line to the Huntington. I would like to take it next week and would like to know the best way to get there from the train. It looks very walkable. Also, is it an easy bus ride? I have no problem walking a mile or so from the Gold Line. It is a scenic walk? Thanks!

    • Hi Robert – If you want to take the train, the most direct stop would be the Gold Line Allen station. From there you would walk about a mile SOUTH along Allen where it leads directly to the front door of the Huntington Library! Have fun!

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