Westgate Apartments Grand Opening Celebration in Pasadena

The grand opening of Westgate Apartments was held yesterday with a formal ribbon cutting

I had a chance to stop by the grand opening of the well-designed Westgate Apartments yesterday, which was attended by employees of Sares-Regis (the developer), architects involved with the project, community stakeholders, and civic leaders including the Mayor of Pasadena, Bill Bogaard.

I was very uplifted to hear the mayor’s speech that the City of Pasadena is committed to improving the quality of life in Pasadena by continuing to encourage the development of transit-oriented projects like Westgate that promote walkability through building a compact built environment in Downtown Pasadena near public transportation.

These pictures show the ribbon cutting ceremony and signifies that Pasadena is really one step closer to becoming a mature urban center.

The ribbon was cut with great optimism for the continuation of the future phases of Westage

3 responses to “Westgate Apartments Grand Opening Celebration in Pasadena

  1. Brigham,

    It’s Danielle from the Grand Opening at the name tag table… Thank you for such nice coverage!

  2. I really hope Westgate succeeds and gets fully rented out, it’s definitely superb infill that adds life to a block that previously had “nothing there”. Pretty ambitious too to have completed such massive project in these economic times.

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