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Happy Halloween Pasadena!

One of my favorite days of the year. Hope yours is a spooky one.

Pasadena Star News: Streetcar Desire Hits Pasadena

A vintage streetcar in Downtown Portland

A whole week of good news related to mass transit in LA! This one comes from the recent completion of the financial feasibility study for a long-proposed modern Pasadena streetcar (akin to the very popular and successful streetcars in Portland) that would make a loop around Downtown Pasadena and encourage pedestrian activity to circulate between the districts (Old Pasadena, Civic Center, Playhouse District, and South Lake Avenue) forming a coherent urban center instead of the (psychologically) fragmented Downtown Pasadena of today.

Wilshire Blvd Subway Approval a Boon to Pasadena

(Click image to enlarge) The Los Angeles Times front page today announcing the Wilshire Blvd subway official approval

Today is one of the greatest milestones in LA history. Future generations will look back decades from now and know that “2010” was the year LA chose to embrace urbanism over strict auto-dependency. Cities across the world are identified by their transit networks (New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc.) and Los Angeles is no exception as our “transit network” of clogged and ever-widening freeways and streets have earned us the reputation of shame amongst many who expect great transit service from a city as large and diverse as LA.

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The Trader Joe’s Pedestrian Phenomenon in LA

Play the game of TJPP and see how many you can count!

A great phenomenon first described by Curbed LA is apparently happening every day in many parts throughout LA that has me a bit perplexed (in a good way). For some reason or another, a fair amount of grocery loving shoppers of Trader Joe’s seem to prefer to walk (instead of drive) to and from one of the most popular grocery chains in America.

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CREPEstudio Now Open in Pasadena ($2 Off for My Blog Readers*)

A sweet and tasty traditional Parisian style crepe at the newly open CREPEstudio in Old Pasadena located at 99 E Union Street

CREPEstudio officially opened this past weekend and has already caught on with the locals as I encountered a pretty packed house on a Monday night, which is usually the quietest night of the week for most restaurants.

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Hotel Constance Renovation (Hopefully) Moving Forward in Pasadena

A rendering of the renovated Hotel Constance (built in 1926) as part of a new mixed-use project planned for Pasadena's financial district (Image courtesy of Park Place Commercial)

As part of a larger mixed-use project at the main intersection of Pasadena’s financial district–Colorado Blvd and Lake Ave–the developer of a highly anticipated development, that will rejuvenate an underwhelming corner, has given us a peek at what is in store.

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Target Grocery Section Now Open (Early) in Pasadena

Target grocery section in Downtown Pasadena now open (early by a week)

The sign inside my favorite Target in Downtown Pasadena still says, “Fresh Groceries Coming Oct 17,” but for many who have been anticipating more grocery options in the Playhouse District, they are in luck because the new grocery section is now open (early by about a week)!

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KindKreme Coming to Pasadena

KindKreme founders (L to R): Shelley, Mollie, and Mimi (Image courtesy of KindKreme)

Shelley, Mollie (the founder), and Mimi are three women who run the dessert shop, KindKreme, in Studio City near Universal Studios, and they are opening up their second store right here in good ol’ Pasadena located a hop, skip, and a jump from the Del Mar Gold Line station (SW intersection of Arroyo Pkwy and Del Mar) in what used to be the Robeks that closed down months ago.

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Video: New Walgreens Neon Signs Spruce Up Corner in East Pasadena

My video of the neon Walgreens sign in East Pasadena

As I described in an earlier post, one of the most fun and interesting design features of the new Walgreens at the corner of Colorado and Sierra Madre Blvd is the use of neon signs that have really added something visually interesting to an otherwise run-of-the-mill stand alone retail building (even though it does attempt to incorporate some streamline moderne architectural features).

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The Controversial Food Truck Invasion in LA Discussed at 89.3 KPCC in Pasadena

The Grilled Cheese Truck

Last week, one of the most valuable resources we have here in Pasadena, 89.3 KPCC–located in the city’s “Innovation Corridor”–held a discussion forum on the food truck phenomenon in LA hosted by Larry Mantle.

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