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Apple Store Remodeling & Expanding in Old Pasadena

The Apple Store in Old Pasadena will be going through an extensive remodeling soon

This is exciting news for Apple fans as the extremely popular tech store plans to expand and remodel their current store in Old Pasadena. According to Wikipedia, the Old Pasadena Apple store was the first location to introduce the company’s standardized minimalistic designs using “wood tables and stone flooring.”

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Half of Livingstone Condos Sold in Pasadena

Urban living at The Livingstone in Downtown Pasadena

The Livingstone, with its brand new condos for sale and central location, is one of my favorite mixed-use residential developments in Downtown Pasadena. The building has many unique attributes that make it stand out as a jewel including its location and preserved historic features. (More details below)

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Sephora to Replace Victoria’s Secret in Old Pasadena

Victoria's Secret in Old Pasadena closed last week and will be replaced by Sephora

This just in: Victoria’s Secret in Old Pasadena, located within One Colorado, recently closed just last Sunday, and according to the management at One Colorado, will be replaced by the popular cosmetics retailer Sephora. It is unclear exactly when the new Sephora will open, but a reasonable estimate is around summertime.

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Ideas for Pasadena: Close Back Entrances to Increase Foot Traffic on South Lake Avenue

Anthropologie does not have a back entrance facing the Shoppers Lane parking lot and should be the model for other stores on South Lake Avenue to help direct much needed pedestrian activity onto the street instead of allowing the back entrances to siphon away the pedestrian energy from South Lake Avenue

This is an updated post to the one from last week where I recommended that in order to help funnel much needed pedestrian energy onto South Lake Avenue itself, the back entrances for many of the stores that face the Shoppers Lane parking lot should be closed to the general public and reserved only for employees or possibly loading large merchandise from stores like Pacific Sales.

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Ideas for Pasadena: Where is South Lake Ave Heading with Borders Closing?

How will the closing of Borders affect an already moribund South Lake Avenue?

[Updated 2/18/11: I clarified at the bottom what I meant by “closing off the back entrances” as it seemed to provoke some resistance to that idea from the “ADA comments” below. Thank you to everyone for weighing in on how to make South Lake Avenue a more lively and interesting place to be.]

For awhile now, I’ve contemplated the perplexing question of “What can improve South Lake Avenue (an underperforming shopping district)?” and I’ve come up with my own conclusions as to why the moribund district performs so poorly.

Let me also start off by saying “Thank you” to those who took the time yesterday to email me their thoughts expressing their very valid concerns over the unfortunate news that Borders will be closing their location on South Lake Avenue due to their recent bankruptcy and reorganization (a Borders store associate on South Lake Avenue told me “one to two months”).

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Video: Moving Beyond the Automobile: Transit-Oriented Development (Applied to Pasadena)

This is a great short video that I saw on Streetsblog LA (only about 3 minutes long) about the benefits of building transit-oriented developments (or “T.O.D.’s” for short). As you watch it, please keep in mind how these principles of urban planning–to reduce the dependency on automobile use–could be applied to a city like Pasadena, which is already connected to the Metro Gold Line (but many stations are currently underutilized like Fillmore and Lake Ave stations).

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A Noise Within Hard Hat Construction Tour in East Pasadena

A Noise Within is building out a brand new theater space next to the the Stuart Apartments and Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line station

This past Sunday, patrons of the arts gathered for a hard hat tour at the construction site of the soon-to-be new headquarters of A Noise Within theater company (they are relocating from Glendale). A nice big fat check for $50,000 from Wells Fargo also sat against an easel with a rendering of the completed theater, which will seat 300 in the audience. The check reminded everyone who attended that fundraising was still in session.

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Lucky Baldwin’s Now Open in East Pasadena

The new Lucky Baldwin's is now open in East Pasadena (near PCC)

I finally had a chance to check out the new Lucky Baldwin’s that just opened up last week over the Super Bowl weekend in East Pasadena (a stone’s throw from Pasadena City College) and I have to say the restaurant has really activated that part of the block with some much needed life.

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KindKreme Vegan Ice Cream Now Open in Pasadena

KindKreme's Founder and CEO, Mollie Engelhart, is passionate about creating tasty vegan desserts

“Our raw vegan ice cream shop is the only one of its kind in the entire world,” the founder of Kind Kreme, Mollie Engelhart, tells me excitedly. That’s music to vegan ears and non-vegan ears alike as the ice cream and other items on the menu offered, such as shakes and smoothies, are just plain good. The proof is the huge success of their first store in Studio City. And now they’re here in Pasadena.

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