Tender Greens Coming Soon to Pasadena

Tender Greens replaces the Japanese store Famima in the Playhouse District

The popular eatery, Tender Greens, serving “health-conscious foods” that started in Culver City has expanded across LA from Hollywood to West Hollywood to Santa Monica and now Pasadena (it is also rumored that Tender Greens is actively looking for a space in Downtown LA as well). The small but growing LA-based chain focuses on the “conscious connection between the one who eats the food and the source of that sustenance.”

More from their website:

“The majority of our produce comes fresh picked daily from Scarborough Farms in Oxnard, where Wayne, Anne and the rest of the family grow things naturally. When we have to buy things that Scarborough doesn’t plant, we choose from a handful of small local farms that believe that picking at the peak of ripeness leads to a more delicious and healthier dish for you.  We use organic ingredients wherever we can.”

Tender Greens will be opening in July 2011 on the ground floor of the Trio Apartments in the Playhouse District. Trio will now have three very strong tenants (Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion, Settebello Pizza, and Tender Greens) that put this block firmly on the foodie map. Don’t forget that Urth Caffe is opening up in a new building across the street as well. It is really exciting to see all these new businesses open up in the Playhouse District because it will add more energy and help generate more pedestrian activity throughout Downtown Pasadena.

Tender Greens adds to a growing list of exciting new restaurants in the Playhouse District including Settebello Pizza opening right next door

10 responses to “Tender Greens Coming Soon to Pasadena

  1. Been waiting for this place to open since around last summer. And, I’m glad it’s in the Playhouse district!!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Tender Greens to open here in PASADENA!

  3. Terrific! That’s a tough location to fill, it’s great that something as hip as Tender Greens will go there. This may be an identity/brand that the Playhouse District may want to seize on–the combination of Tender Greens, Urth Caffe, Vromann’s, Laemmle Theatres, Zona Rosa, a few wine bars here, the Pasadena Playhouse there. Heck, even Cliff’s Books and Canturbury Records could fit in if they perked up a bit. It would be an alternative to the vanilla mainstream (but very welcome) stores of Old Pasadena.

  4. omg, you just made my day! since moving to pasadena, my husband and i often talk about how much we miss tender greens. and now we’ll be within walking distance! we have literally had this conversation, “you know what would make this neighborhood perfect? tender greens.” (oh, and a park)

    • Which was your local previous local TG, Marg?

      • we were in mar vista, close to culver city. we loved the westside but we never walked anywhere like we do here. other restaurants we miss dearly are amandine, santouka, and father’s office!

        • There are a number of great authentic ramen restaurants on this side of town too (I’ve been to Santouka as well). There’s Daikokuya and Orochon in Little Tokyo (Gold Line accessible) and also Shen Shin Gumi in Rosemead on Valley Blvd.

          For a burger as good as if not better than Father’s Office, check out Umami Burger in Hollywood (also accessible by Gold Line to Red Line).

        • Counter Burger, just off Lake, has fabulous burgers.

  5. yay!!! oh i can’t wait! now if we can get more restaurants open past 10, i’d be a happy camper 😉

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