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New Wilshire Grand Towers Approved Will Add to Downtown LA Skyline

A rendering of the dramatic new towers that will add a substantial presence to an evolving Los Angeles skyline (Photo courtesy of Wilshire Grand Redevelopment)

I have been following the proposed redevelopment of the Wilshire Grand Hotel ever since I first learned about it back in early 2009. And I am very excited about the future of Downtown LA and that things are definitely moving forward as the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved (yesterday) the proposed plans to redevelop the aging hotel by replacing it with two brand new towers.

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New Traffic Signal in Pasadena Aides Pedestrians Crossing Street

A new traffic signal in the Playhouse District will make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street

I’m always glad to see investments by the city when it comes to pedestrian oriented development. In the Playhouse District, a new traffic signal has gone up at the intersection of Union and Oakland, which can get pretty busy with pedestrians as the area has become more of a destination over the years.

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Ideas for Downtown LA: Make Union Station a Destination (Not Just a Transfer Point)

Los Angeles Union Station has been getting busier and busier over the years as multiple train lines and bus routes have converged here

It was officially announced last month that the Los Angeles County transportation agency, Metro, was purchasing the beautiful but underutilized Union Station from a private owner. Even though it is underutilized (ridership could be higher) and has so much more potential (more varied uses on site), Union Station is still the undisputed hub of transit on the entire West Coast (west of Chicago to be exact).

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Ideas for Pasadena: Build Train Shelters on Freeway Platforms to Protect Riders from Noise and Noxious Fumes

All you need to do is watch the video (above) I recorded on the Lake Ave Gold Line station to understand (and hear) how loud the cars and trucks are as they zoom by the train platform–constantly–assaulting the ears from both sides. Transit riders wait on these platforms embedded in the middle of freeways on the Gold and Green Lines and are subjected, helplessly, to deafening noise and exhaust fumes. Very unpleasant.

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Fillmore West Station Coffee and Sandwiches Opens in Pasadena

Fillmore West Station cafe is now open in Pasadena right next to the Fillmore Gold Line station

It was great to see a fairly large crowd of customers attend the grand opening of Fillmore West Station (FWS) Cafe this weekend located adjacent to the Fillmore Gold Line station. A musical band performing on the recently remodeled Fillmore station transit plaza celebrated the opening of a cafe that could provide a glimpse into the future as businesses and residents cluster around transit rail stations.

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Update on New Vons Shopping Center in East Pasadena

The new Vons market and retail stores under construction in East Pasadena

It’s been about a year since I first learned that the aging Vons supermarket, located in East Pasadena at the intersection of Colorado and Sierra Madre Blvd, was going to be completely redone in a more attractive urban format. The intersection has gone through some other upgrades over the year and this new Vons will be a welcome change as well.

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Construction Update on Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project

The Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project will be completed this summer

Construction commenced in early February on the Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project that will help spruce up the area around Pasadena City Hall and along Colorado Blvd between Arroyo Pkwy (on the border of Old Pasadena) and Garfield Ave (in front of Paseo Colorado).

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Half of Livingstone Condos Sold in Pasadena

Urban living at The Livingstone in Downtown Pasadena

The Livingstone, with its brand new condos for sale and central location, is one of my favorite mixed-use residential developments in Downtown Pasadena. The building has many unique attributes that make it stand out as a jewel including its location and preserved historic features. (More details below)

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Ideas for Pasadena: Close Back Entrances to Increase Foot Traffic on South Lake Avenue

Anthropologie does not have a back entrance facing the Shoppers Lane parking lot and should be the model for other stores on South Lake Avenue to help direct much needed pedestrian activity onto the street instead of allowing the back entrances to siphon away the pedestrian energy from South Lake Avenue

This is an updated post to the one from last week where I recommended that in order to help funnel much needed pedestrian energy onto South Lake Avenue itself, the back entrances for many of the stores that face the Shoppers Lane parking lot should be closed to the general public and reserved only for employees or possibly loading large merchandise from stores like Pacific Sales.

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Video: Moving Beyond the Automobile: Transit-Oriented Development (Applied to Pasadena)

This is a great short video that I saw on Streetsblog LA (only about 3 minutes long) about the benefits of building transit-oriented developments (or “T.O.D.’s” for short). As you watch it, please keep in mind how these principles of urban planning–to reduce the dependency on automobile use–could be applied to a city like Pasadena, which is already connected to the Metro Gold Line (but many stations are currently underutilized like Fillmore and Lake Ave stations).

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