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Construction Update on Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project

The Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project will be completed this summer

Construction commenced in early February on the Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project that will help spruce up the area around Pasadena City Hall and along Colorado Blvd between Arroyo Pkwy (on the border of Old Pasadena) and Garfield Ave (in front of Paseo Colorado).

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Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project Begins

Work has begun on a new improvement project in the Pasaden Civic Center that will be especially beneficial to pedestrians

A very exciting improvement project (planned awhile ago) has finally begun around the Pasadena Civic Center. The project deemed “Civic Center-Midtown District Public Improvements Project” will upgrade the aesthetics and infrastructure of the area around Pasadena City Hall helping to integrate the Civic Center into the rest of the community with stronger visual and aesthetic connections that especially benefit pedestrians.

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Futuristic Undulating Bike Shelter a Glimpse into Pasadena’s Master Bike Plan?

This bike shelter design was proposed for the Metro Gold Line right-of-way near the Memorial Park station in Old Pasadena (Photo: Peter Tolkin Architecture)

After posting about Long Beach’s wonderful bike lanes that will be fully separated from traffic (so jealous!) and also me lamenting about Pasadena’s current dearth of bike friendly routes (some commenters agreed with me in that post), Angela Uriu from Peter Tolkin Architecture (yes, the same firm that designed the “living vines” office building in South Pasadena) sent me some nice renderings of a once-proposed bike shelter in Old Pasadena near the Memorial Park Gold Line station.

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Popular “Fork in the Road” Art Piece Gets Permanent Status in Pasadena

Ken Marshall's now-famous "Fork in the Road" art piece (seen here more than a year ago) was given a permit by the city to be reinstated as a permanent art piece in southwest Pasadena

A little over a year ago, a guerrilla art piece in the form of a giant fork was erected overnight in southwest Pasadena (a stone’s throw from Huntington Hospital). The “Fork in the Road” was an ingenious art piece placed on an island median in the middle of the road where Pasadena Ave splits into St John to the left and the continuation of Pasadena Ave to the right.

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South Pasadena Fair Oaks Corridor Improvement Project Begins

Fair Oaks Ave in Downtown South Pasadena will be getting a much needed make-over as construction begins on the Fair Oaks Corridor Improvement Project

I have been saying for years that Pasadena needs to give Fair Oaks Ave an extreme pedestrian-cyclist make-over along the street from at least the South Pasadena border (by the Raymond Restaurant) to Old Pasadena. The need for this make-over seems obvious when you consider: 1) Fair Oaks Ave looks like a mini-highway as you drive or, god forbid, walk down it, and 2) that the Huntington Hospital (a huge employer) adds a substantial presence to the built environment in Downtown Pasadena, but is tenuously connected at best to the area for pedestrians and cyclists, diluting if not completely negating its potential positive effects on the urban environment. In other words, the synergy is lost.

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Ideas for Pasadena: Redesign Lake Ave Ralphs to be More Pedestrian Friendly (Part 2)

The Ralphs at Lake and Walnut in Pasadena was built as a suburban store, but a new metro rail Gold Line station catering to pedestrians is only two blocks north now

Back in Jan 2010, I wrote about my disdain for the current suburban-styled Ralphs supermarket that sits in the middle of Pasadena’s urban downtown financial district along Lake Ave. This particular Ralphs that many of us Pasadenans shop at is surrounded by anti-pedestrian characteristics that actually harm the built environment as it pertains to pedestrian activity. The potential for creating a better community in this section of Pasadena sits tragically unfulfilled. That’s why I’m still not happy with it.

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2011 CicLAvia’s Kickstarter Campaign

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CicLAvia was one of the most phenomenal events in recent LA history, which took place on Oct 10, 2010, that proved a growing passion for change by many bicyclists and pedestrians who yearn for high-quality public spaces in LA. To realize that dream, Angelenos far and wide came together and did nothing more than simply walk and cycle down the streets usually ruled by drivers. But as 60,000 people, young and old, came out that day to revel in streets free of cars, those simple steps taken rang louder than anyone could have imagined.

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The Colorado at Lake Project in Pasadena Really Approved

A rendering of the Lake & Colorado mixed-use project in Downtown Pasadena

After two unsuccessful appeals were filed against the “The Colorado at Lake” project’s approval, the second and final appeal was thankfully rejected at a City Council meeting last night, and the long delayed mixed-use project (including the  much needed restoration of the former Hotel Constance), will now officially move forward with construction.

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Proposed Office Building Gets New Signage Up Near Huntington Hospital in Pasadena

A rendering and for lease sign for a new office building went up last week at the corner of Fair Oaks and California Blvd in Downtown Pasadena

I first covered this story in Feb 2010 about a new modern office building proposed for the SE corner of Fair Oaks and California Blvd that I believe will help toward making Downtown Pasadena a more walkable and enjoyable place to be. And I am happy to report that a new for lease sign (along with the rendering) was installed last week right before Thanksgiving.

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New Bathrooms for Public Parks in Downtown Pasadena

A rendering of the new bathroom facility at Central Park (Image courtesy of Peter Tolkin Architecture)

As we discussed earlier about the merits of successful urban parks, I was glad to see that the two main urban parks in Old Pasadena–Central Park and Memorial Park–will soon both be getting a small but important upgrade in the form of new bathroom facilities that will improve the experience at each park.

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