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Popular “Fork in the Road” Art Piece Gets Permanent Status in Pasadena

Ken Marshall's now-famous "Fork in the Road" art piece (seen here more than a year ago) was given a permit by the city to be reinstated as a permanent art piece in southwest Pasadena

A little over a year ago, a guerrilla art piece in the form of a giant fork was erected overnight in southwest Pasadena (a stone’s throw from Huntington Hospital). The “Fork in the Road” was an ingenious art piece placed on an island median in the middle of the road where Pasadena Ave splits into St John to the left and the continuation of Pasadena Ave to the right.

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Pasadena’s “Fork in the Road” Art Installation

A giant fork art piece was installed at the fork in the road where Pasadena Ave. and St. John Ave. split

After reading about this on the Pasadena Star News, I had to see it for myself! I drove up Pasadena Ave. and as I approached the fork in the road, literally, I saw the giant fork “guerrilla art piece” and smiled. What a great idea from the friends of Bob Stane, founder of the Ice House Comedy Club.

I hope Pasadena keeps this art installation permanently in place.